3 MORE Reasons Why You Need a Marketing-Smart Broker

February, 2023

In a previous blog, 3 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing-Smart Broker, we covered three things a Marketing-Smart Broker does to ensure the goals of a property are reached. This included: professional photos; Unique, Custom Materials; and, having a Collaborative Team, but that is not all they must do.

Remember: A Marketing-Smart Broker can be described as a licensed commercial real estate broker who better serves his client by employing a strong marketing strategy to best reach the goals identified for a property, space, portfolio, etc.

Here, we have 3 MORE things a Marketing-Smart Broker does to best reach a property’s goals:

  1. Review and Update Materials: A Marketing-Smart Broker knows that even once the marketing materials have been completed, they are not set in stone. A property is ever-changing, with the offering changing too. This could be a new space for lease, or a new opportunity for improvement in a value-add play, anything; the marketing materials must reflect those changes in a real-time basis. Even when there is not something concrete that has changed, improving upon, and refreshing materials is necessary. Marketing-Smart Brokers communicate with the property owners, or likewise, constantly to ensure they are up to date with any goals, just as they communicate those to the Marketing Team to update the marketing materials. They recognize that there is always ability to better the way a property’s story is being told.
  2. Populate Listing Platforms: The Unique, Customized Materials talked about last time must be accessible to those searching for a property or space; this is where the importance of Listing Platforms comes in. Marketing-Smart Brokers know that they must have properties listed on not only the main listing platform, but numerous high-trafficked listing platforms to reach all the possible audience. The strong professional photos are used on these sites as well as the initial attention-grabbing tactic in addition to the unique, customized materials that are constantly being reviewed and updated. A Marketing-Smart Broker, with their marketing team, ensures that each listing platform is populated with the property information and materials as quickly as possible.
  3. Master Networking and LinkedIn: Marketing-Smart Brokers do not stop with only listing platforms, they are also networking masters both in-person and on LinkedIn. Connections are powerful; both in-person and digital. Marketing-Smart Brokers attend networking events, are connecting with others constantly for other deals via phone and email and stay top of mind with brokers by connecting on LinkedIn. Having a broker that understands the importance of networking ensures that they have the industry connections to find the best buyer/user for a property whether it is for sale or lease. All bridges must be kept open, for you never know where a lead will come from. Marketing-Smart Brokers are active on LinkedIn and post about properties they are working on to showcase them to their network of brokers, buyers, tenants, etc. (If you are interested in learning more about the importance of social media in Commercial Real Estate, visit here.)

Marketing-Smart Brokers are dedicated to helping a property owner reach their goals set forth for a property. They value the full picture and are determined to tell the property story to the best ability to find the right buyer, or tenant. FCPG’s Marketing-Smart Brokers have proven track records with employing strong marketing strategies and reaching their clients’ goals. Learn more about each broker and the marketing team at our Meet the Team page and reach out today.

3 More Reasons You Need a Marketing-Smart Broker