3 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing-Smart Broker

November, 2022

So, you have decided to sell property, or you need to find tenants to fill your vacant space fast, where do you begin? – you need a Marketing-Smart Broker. What does that mean? A Marketing-Smart Broker can be described as a licensed commercial real estate broker who better serves his client by employing a strong marketing strategy to best reach the goals identified for a property, space, portfolio, etc.

Before we jump in, it is important to note that when it comes to finding a tenant, or successfully completing a sale of a property, a full marketing strategy may not always be needed. It takes a Marketing-Smart Broker to know when a marketing strategy is needed, and which level of implementation would be best. Instances where you might choose to forego an external marketing strategy would be an off-market type deal, or when a buyer / tenant is preidentified and a deal is concluded without needing to secure back-up buyers/tenants.

Marketing a property for lease or sale, when done properly, best showcases the offering to all potential parties; those who are actively seeking a property with similar characteristics as well as those who haven’t yet explored the benefits of your property but could be a perfect match. A Marketing-Smart Broker is experienced in marketing properties and is aligned with a strong marketing team that can craft any materials necessary to best showcase a property to reach its owner’s goals.

3 things a Marketing-Smart Broker does to ensure a property’s goals are reached include:

1. Acquire Professional Photos: “Seeing is believing;” “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You have heard those sayings before in general day-to-day life; they ring true for Commercial Real Estate too. Marketing-Smart Brokers know that updated, professional photos are crucial to best position and showcase a property properly. Interior space photos, exterior property photos, exterior drone photos and videos, and virtual walk-through tours allow for a prospective buyer or user to see the property/space before leaving their screen. Strong photo packages show the property as-is, show the highlights and show any improvement opportunities. A Marketing-Smart Broker knows that showing the property fully provides opportunities to best identify strong potential buyers and sellers, saving the client time with those who otherwise would quickly deem a space unfit for their purposes after immediately walking in.

2. Tell the full Story via Unique, Customized Materials: Each property/space is unique, with its own distinct story to be told. While the photo packages say a lot, it is not the whole story. Unique, Customized materials is the platform where the story can unfold. Templated marketing materials hinder a broker’s ability to showcase the characteristics of a property to the best ability. A Marketing-Smart Broker works alongside their marketing team to understand and communicate the property’s story to the target audiences. This enables the marketing team to create custom Marketing materials for a property or space, highlighting the best features of the property. This can include any combination of one-page flyers, multi-page flyer packages, offering memorandums, placemat-style one-pagers, videos, webpages, and more; each including any of the following: custom location maps, demographic profiles, market highlights, competitor maps, renderings, floorplans, etc. Bottom line, unique, Customized Materials allow for the Marketing-Smart Broker to show potentially interested parties all that they would want to discover about a property.

3. Celebrate a Collaborative Team: A Marketing-Smart Broker knows that having a collaborative team around them produces the best marketing strategy and materials for a property. While a broker is an expert in their area, having fellow brokers review materials, ask questions and provide an outside point of view leads to well-rounded, comprehensive marketing materials and marketing strategies for a property. Other brokers are often a large part of the target audience for a property or space before ever getting to the end user. Collaborating in-house with fellow FCPG brokers tests the marketing materials and strategy before being published externally.

At FCPG, our team is comprised of brokers Marketing-Smart Brokers who are dedicated to ensuring that each property is best showcased and marketed to increase the ability to reach its owner’s goals by doing each of the above for their properties. Reach out to any of our brokerage team, or marketing team today to learn more about how a Marketing-Smart Broker can help you reach your property goals.