ChatGPT Plsu helps with Blog writing Process

5 Ways ChatGPT Plus Can Improve Your Blog Writing Process

By: Chelsea Ritter

ChatGPT is taking the internet by storm and if your LinkedIn feed is like mine, everyone is discussing the best practices and the amazing ways that you can use the system because there are so many! On March 14, 2023, ChatGPT Plus was released, also known as GPT-4, this is “OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses.”

Here at FCPG, we are exploring how the system can help our Marketing Team write impactful, relevant, and read-worthy blogs. Through our initial dive into ChatGPT Plus and how it can be used within the blog writing process, we have learned a few things. Here are 5 ways that ChatGPT Plus can be used in the blog writing process:

  1. Brainstorm Topics for Blogs – getting started is the hardest part of writing a blog; coming up with the idea. If you have a broad idea of what to write about, let’s say “Commercial Real Estate Productivity” – you can simply enter that into the program and ask for blog topics related to that idea. ChatGPT Plus provides a list like below:

“Sure, here are five blog topic ideas for commercial real estate productivity:

  1. Top 10 Time Management Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  2. The Benefits of Automating Your Commercial Real Estate Workflows
  3. How to Stay Focused and Productive During Busy Commercial Real Estate Seasons
  4. The Role of Technology in Streamlining Commercial Real Estate Operations
  5. Effective Communication Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Teams”
chatgpt blog - topics

2. Draft Blogs – ChatGPT Plus will go as far as writing a blog for you too. It is important to remember that ChatGPT Plus has limited knowledge and understanding of events past September 2021, so anything current events related, or real time is not going to be included in any response. This eliminates the ability to say things like “Compare the current retail market in Orlando, FL to the market in 2021,” unless you provide the raw data and ask for conclusions. With that being said, blogs written by ChatGPT Plus are great drafts that can then be edited to add your brand voice, personality, and relevant real time market information as deemed fit. You can also ask ChatGPT Plus to provide a list of possible titles that will be attention grabbing, too!

3. Edit Existing Blogs – ChatGPT Plus does a great job of editing existing content for grammatical, spelling and readability. Simply by copying and pasting an existing blog into the program and asking it to review, edit, improve, etc. the blog, it provides an edited version. This can be used to also rework existing copy for a specific target audience or to work in the use of a keyword a certain number of times (think SEO benefits!).

4. Optimize for SEO – Speaking of SEO benefits, ChatGPT Plus can also increase the ease of making a blog optimized for SEO purposes. Like mentioned above, it can be used to increase the frequency of a keyword in a blog, it can also be used to identify potential strong keywords that already exist in the copy. You are then able to ask how many times that keyword is featured and, again, ask it to be included more frequently. Another way ChatGPT Plus can be used for SEO Optimization is to ask for a Meta Description for a blog post. For this to work, you must include the blog that you want the Meta Description to be generated from.

For the following examples, Bryan Richardson’s blog: “7 Things to Consider When Choosing A CRM For CRE” was used.

The Meta Description provided read:

“Are you a commercial real estate broker looking for a CRM that fits your specialized needs? Check out these 7 key factors to consider when choosing a CRM to manage clients, properties, and deals more efficiently. Read the blog post now!”

For keywords associated with the blog, ChatGPT Plus provided this list:

“Here are some potential SEO keywords for the blog post “7 Things to Consider When Choosing A CRM For CRE”:

• CRM for commercial real estate
• Choosing a CRM for CRE
• Commercial real estate lead management
• Property database for brokers
• Reporting and analytics for commercial real estate
• Mobile CRM for commercial real estate
• CRM integration for brokers
• CRM pricing for commercial real estate
• Customizable CRM for brokers
• Essential CRM features for commercial real estate”

chatgpt blog - seo

5. Social Media Copy – Now you have your blog; its topic has been brainstormed by ChatGPT Plus, the draft was written by ChatGPT Plus, your edited version has been reviewed by ChatGPT Plus, optimized for SEO by ChatGPT Plus, you published the blog on your website, and it is time to promote it on social media – ChatGPT Plus can help there too. Simply asking ChatGPT Plus to write a social media post for the blog will produce a draft of a complete social media post ready for Facebook or LinkedIn. With more feedback, ChatGPT Plus can adjust your post to your liking. For instance, you want it under x amount of words, with x amount of hashtags and a specific phrase included, it will rework the draft over and over until it is perfect.

After pasting in the blog post to the ChatGPT Plus system, following the prompt: “write a social media post for the following blog:”, the below social media post was created. While this is a bit lengthy, depending on your goals, you can simply ask ChatGPT Plus to decrease the word count by 25% for a streamlined post.

“Attention Commercial Real Estate Brokers! Are you struggling to manage a large number of clients, properties, and transactions? A good CRM can help streamline your workflows and close deals more efficiently. But how do you choose the right one for your business? Bryan Richardson has outlined 7 key factors to consider when choosing a CRM for your commercial real estate business:

  1. Customizability
  2. Lead Management
  3. Property Database
  4. Reporting and Analytics
  5. Mobile Accessibility
  6. Integration with Other Tools
  7. Pricing

By carefully considering these factors, you can find a CRM that meets the specific needs of your business and makes your team’s job easier. Check out Bryan’s blog post for more details and start managing your business more efficiently today! #CRMforCRE #CommercialRealEstate #LeadManagement #PropertyDatabase #Reporting #MobileAccessibility #Integration #Pricing

chatgpt - social media post

Remember, ChatGPT Plus is a tool that can create great content, but to get the fully customized content that a targeted marketing strategy requires, the content generated is going to need to be edited in nearly all accounts.

Something to be mindful of, in addition to the restrictions of information past September 2021, ChatGPT Plus is unable to access websites or any other data source in real time. ChatGPT Plus can provide sources of information to include in your blog posts, if applicable, and it can provide guidance on sourcing ChatGPT Plus itself by simply asking for it.

ChatGPT Plus is heavily popular right now, which also leads to the system reaching capacity, and unfortunately kicking you off. This can cause you to lose momentum as you work and the progress made, so be mindful and copy over your drafts as you go so if you get kicked out, you aren’t stuck until you can get back in. (Note: Chats are saved within the ChatGPT Plus system, so you don’t lose anything.) Annoying, yes, but – hey, at least you get these fun generated prompts…

chatgpt blog - capacity

ChatGPT Plus is new and exciting causing an abundance of interest in the system across industries and in turn the development of new and exciting ways that it can be used. Ensuring that FCPG’s marketing team is making use of available technologies to improve property marketing, brand management and to bring overall efforts to the next level is paramount. Using ChatGPT Plus in the creation of blog posts is only scratching the surface, and the Marketing is excited to continue to expand their use of ChatGPT Plus in their Marketing Strategies. If you have any questions about how the FCPG Marketing team makes use of ChatGPT Plus, please reach out to me at Happy Chatting!

This blog was crafted without the assistance of ChatGPT Plus aside from the specific examples provided. If you would like to read the blog ChatGPT Plus wrote after being prompted: “write a blog for the title “5 ways that ChatGPT Plus can be used in the blog writing process,” please click here.

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