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Southport Village Center

Offering MemorandumSolicitation Document


First Capital Property Group, Inc. is pleased to present the Southport Village Center, a 126-acre master planned development site located in close proximity to the Orlando International Airport, Central Florida’s largest transportation hub.

The subject property, the remaining portion of the former McCoy Naval Annex, represents a unique opportunity for an experienced developer to take a major stake in the 4th fastest growing city in the United States, which is in dire need of market rate and workforce housing to accommodate best in the nation job growth.

The property is controlled by the City of Orlando who desires to repurpose the former base into a mixed-use community and village center development that blends into and enhances the surrounding Southport community.


Located West of Orlando International Airport, Central Florida’s largest transportation hub.


  • The Future Land Use is centered around the Southport Vision Plan, which contemplates full buildout of at least 1,000 residential units and 100,000 RSF of commercial space

  • The property is located immediately west of Orlando International Airport, and is 10 minutes or less from major road arteries including SR 528, SR 417, Sand Lake Rd, Orange Ave, Boggy Creek Rd, and SR 436

  • Major transportation infrastructure projects such as the OIA South Terminal & Intermodal Station, the SunRail Airport extension, and the Virgin Trains/Brightline expansion, are positioning the development to be one of the most well-connected sites in Orlando

  • The development could be positioned as prime location for Aviation, Aerospace, or other corporate headquarter location

  • Proposed and existing public parks surrounding the project add major community enhancing value without the expense



In the early 2000s, the Southport Vision Plan was just created as an EXAMPLE of what might take shape on the development site. While intended to only be a vision casting development tool, it highlights some of the development framework and priorities of the local market and municipality.

Below is a summary of one version of the plan and its major components. However, the City recognizes that there are numerous other ways that the site could be developed.


Capitalize on the high daytime population, growing employment offering and lack of local housing.



Issuance of Invitation for Proposals: June 26, 2019
Voluntary Pre-Proposal Conference: August 07, 2019
Preliminary Proposals Due: September 06, 2019 UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 13th, 2019
Review of Preliminary Proposals by Advisory Committee: September 7-10, 2019
Preliminary Interviews (at Committee Discretion): September 11-13, 2019

FINALIST PROCESS  (Subject to Change)

Finalist Selection Notification
Mandatory Finalist Pre-Proposal Conference
Finalist Full Proposals Due
Finalist Interviews
Review of Proposals by Advisory Committee
Recommendation Presented to City Council


The Selection Committee is requiring all interested Master Developers to submit a Preliminary Proposal which should outline the Developer’s background and expertise, as well as cast a preliminary vision for the development project.

Specifically, the Preliminary Proposal should include and follow the format of the following items from the full submittal requirements list found in the Southport Solicitation document:

Please complete Solicitation Sections:
1.1 – Title Page
1.2 – Table of Contents
1.3 – General Information of the Developer
1.4 – Statement of Qualifications
1.5 – Development Proposal (Subsection B Only) – PRELIMINARY VISION & DETAIL

The purpose of this Preliminary Proposal is to allow potential Master Developers to submit their experience and vision for the project without a substantial upfront monetary outlay. The Selection Committee will use the Preliminary Proposals to narrow the list to a Finalist list” who will be given initial feedback and asked to complete the full requirements outlined in the Solicitation package and follow the anticipated key dates timeline outlined on the previous page.


PRICING: This is an unpriced offering as net purchase price will be tied to Development Agreement conditions.


  • Customary Closing Cost Structure

  • Buyer shall be responsible for all Brokerage Commissions, including fixed fee to Seller’s Broker, First Capital Property Group, Inc.

Proposal Details: Proposal Requirement Details are outlined in the complete Southport Solicitation document.


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